Details Of v7.2.1

Release Notes


Release Date: 4th September, 2023


  • MACReseller generated bills or invoice ID/Number generation server changed.
  • Admin client support ticket list web API updated (v2) for SolvedBy. [For Mobile Apps]
  • Admin report module Financial transaction report updated for customer bill related transactions.
  • MACReseller client support ticket list web API updated (v2) for SolvedBy. [For Mobile Apps]
  • Admin client bill payment web API updated for Nagad pgw (v2). [For Mobile Apps]
  • Admin customer report module updated with new column (MACReseller Name) for improvement.
  • Admin customer report modified for the left clients information display, new implementation done.
  • Admin portal MACReseller funding history module apply & clear filter changed and improved.
  • Make the Terms & Conditions checkbox visible for both adding or updating payment processing fee settings module.
  • MACReseller client details page updated with missing sections (social links & status).
  • Admin portal MACReseller details page updated with missing sections.
  • MACReseller client details page modified for large image preview for profile, NID & Registration form.
  • Admin task management filtering dropdown list web API updated with customer names. [For Mobile Apps]
  • Bill Collection module change for the dailybills, webhook & paybill payments.
  • MACResellers client support module, daily complain and new complain updated with proper validation.
  • Bandwidth reseller bill or invoice number/code generation service modified.
  • MACReseller portal p.processing fee module updated with new column, named P.P.FeeAmount.
  • Service invoice bill payment validation updated.
  • MACReseller portal box module add/update with proper validation implemented.
  • Postpaid MACResller status change updated with minimum balance check & restricted.
  • Authentication & authorization system has improved for exposed web API. [For Mobile Apps]
  • Product invoice add & details page updated for inventory stock items.

  • Admin client manage module notice management with proper validation implemented.
  • MACReseller portal credited transaction history module remarks/note with rich content feature implemented.
  • Customer billing expiry date reset & changing feature implemented SA panel (automation).
  • MACReseller prefix change feature implemented in SA panel (automation).
  • Admin portal item purchase module payment modal validation implemented for amount & discount.
  • MACReseller portal subzone module add and update new validation implemented.
  • MACReseller config module upazila with new validation implemented.
  • Duplicate bKash webhook payment prevention feature implemented.
Bug Fixes

  • Both MACReseller prepaid and postpaid client’s add and edit page validation issues are fixed.
  • MACReseller salary module pay salary button, page design fixed and missing heading added.
  • Admin client support ticket module date filtering issue fixed.
  • Both admin and MACReseller left client delete issues resolved in the SA panel (automation).
  • Payment processing fee settings module data updating issue fixed for both MAC and Bandwidth resellers.
  • Prepaid MACReseller status change issue resolved from both client and billing lists.
  • The issue with the date format in the BTRC report has resolved.
  • Admin clients news and events web API data fetching issue resolved. [For Mobile Apps]
  • Bandwidth purchase bill & payable due amount displaying issue for the advance payment fixed.
  • Bandwidth reseller purchase invoice payment text message (SMS) template issue resolved for due amount.
  • Admin panel client new request module URL redirection issue fixed.
  • Company management from SA panel loading issue fixed for lots of bill periods (automation).
  • MACReseller portal client's bulk status change issue fixed for InActive/Left status.
  • Spelling correction in customer details, change logs and enable/disable logs datatable.
  • Disable issue fixed for macreseller low balance in automatic process (scheduler).